Sunday School and Youth Group

Sunday School

Sunday School offers Christian education and fellowship in the English language to children from age 3 – 11 on Sunday mornings. Lessons are held on Sundays from 11:45 – 12:45 (during the normally scheduled service).

Weaving God’s Promises is an Episcopal Sunday school curriculum designed to provide children with the basic knowledge of Church teachings in Christian education, workshop and service. The great stories of the Bible from both the Old and New Testaments are central to the lessons with emphasis on the life and teachings of Jesus. In addition, children learn about the history of the Episcopal Church and its practices as well as the application of principles and practices of Christian living and its importance in fostering a growing faith. The teaching goals are to teach the way of Christ through Holy Scripture, the Church (specifically the practices of the Anglican/Episcopal tradition), and in the world (Christian Living)

The curriculum offers a wide variety of learning approaches, both active (drama, arts, crafts) and passive (storytelling). The resources appeal to different senses and learning styles. The curriculum provides detailed instructions, templates, worksheets, and ideas for all sorts of games and activities.

Youth Groups

The Youth Groups offer learning, fun and fellowship through activities and discussions on a Christian platform.

Junior Youth Group

The Junior Youth Group is for youth aged approximately 10 to 13. The group will meet regularly for fellowship and activities but we are currently looking for new members – please inform the Church Office if you are interested.

Senior Youth Group

The Senior Youth Group welcomes young people aged approximately 14 and above.  We meet regularly for fellowship and fun activities. Currently we meet once a month on Sundays from 11:30 – 12:30 (overlapping with the normally scheduled service, which is from 12:00 to 01:00 p.m.).

Please see the calendar for precise dates.

In addition, Youth who are aged 13 by May and who are interested in being confirmed may participate in confirmation instruction led by the Rector.

YOUTH 20 - 29, Spiritual Retreat in Frankfurt The flyer can be dowloaded here.