Ecumenical Relations


For over 30 years we have been guests at the Emmauskirche. We are very fortunate in that we can use their premises. Sometimes we join in a service to get to know each other better and also exchange invitations to concerts, flea markets, bazaars, and summer garden parties. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Old Catholic Congregation

We are connected to the family of the Old Catholic Churches by strong bands. We have been blessed to celebrate full communion together since 1931. Full communion means that we do not only invite each other to the Lord’s Table but are also able to exchange our ministries with each other and can concelebrate the Eucharist. We celebrate our Evensong services at the Old-Catholic Church St. Willibrord at Blumenstraße 36 (next to Sendlinger Tor Platz). 


CAECG stands for Council of Anglican/Episcopal Churches in Germany and is an Inter-Anglican forum among the congregations of the Episcopal Church and the chaplaincies of the Church of England in Germany. Lay and clergy representatives of all congregations meet two times a year. The lay representatives are appointed by the vestry in consultation with the rector.

AcK in München 

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft christlicher Kirchen in München (Council of Christian Churches in Munich) meets three times a year, including one time to pray together in an ecumenical service. During our meetings we share our stories, introducing ourselves to each other and getting to know each other as churches better.

IKE München

Interkulturell Evangelisch in München (Inter Cultural Protestant in Munich) is a meeting twice a year organized by the Protestant Deanery of Munich inviting all non-German speaking Protestant congregations in Munich to share their experiences as congregations mostly of expatriates. Dutch, Hungarian, Korean, Vietnamese and other congregations come together.

AcK in Bayern 

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft christlicher Kirchen in Bayern (Council of Christian Churches in Bavaria) meets three times a year in a smaller group of one representative of each church represented in Bavaria. In addition there is a meeting once a year (usually in February) when all three representatives of the churches are meeting over a weekend. The AcKiB does more regarding public representation. It was involved in the process of formulating the Charta Oecumenica, an ecumenical declaration for Europe that was signed at the first Ecumenical Kirchentag in Berlin in 2003. It also addresses problems such as racism or domestic violence and writes papers to help congregations to address those issues.

Women’s World Day of Prayer

Women's World Day of Prayer is a global, ecumenical movement of informed prayer and prayerful action, organised and led by Christian women and to make people aware of problems of women in different countries. Every year a group of women from a different place in the world prepares the service that will be used all over the world. They also introduce the participants into their country and the circumstances women are living there. The services are open to all and not limited to women. They take place on the first Friday in March.