Where to find us

Services in Munich are held at the Emmauskirche. The Church office and chapel are adjacent to the Emmauskirche at Seybothstraße 4

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Directions to the Emmauskirche and the office/chapel of the Church of the Ascension:

Public Transportation

The Emmauskirche is located at Laurinplatz in Harlaching at the intersection of Langobardenstraße and Seybothstraße.

It is a short walk from the Authariplatz tram stop on the 15 and 25 tramlines heading away from Munich in the direction of Grünwald. These tram lines connect with the U2 (Silberhornstr.) and U1 (Wettersteinplatz) lines. The church is also accessible from Giesing Bahnhof (U2, S3 and S7) with the number 139 bus line, direction Klinikum Harlaching. The church is located between the Griechenstraße and Autharistraße bus stops on the right. You can't miss the tall steeple.


If you are driving, the church is located south of the Mittlerer Ring in Harlaching. You will exit the Mittlerer Ring in the direction of Grünwald and follow the Grünwalderstraße to Authariplatz. At the stop light, turn left and continue along Langobardenstraße towards the intersection. On the right is the Emmauskirche.

If you are south of Munich and driving up the Salzburg to Munich Autobahn, follow the Autobahn in the direction of the Garmisch Autobahn (the Autobahn branches into three directions at this point). You will then pass the exits for Oberhaching, Taufkirchen, and Unterhaching. When you are approaching the end of the autobahn and about to enter the tunnel, exit direction Giesing, Ramersdorf and turn left at the stop light. You will then follow this street as it changes names from Peter-Auzinger-Straße to Naupliastraße and then becomes Seybothstraße. On the right you cannot miss the church with the tall steeple, which is the Emmauskirche.